4 simple ways to invest in Real Estate in Mauritius

The Mauritian real estate market is now more accessible to foreign nationals. They can acquire a freehold property with exclusive benefits. To facilitate and enhance real estate investment, the Mauritian government has come up with several incentives such as the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), the Real Estate Scheme (RES), and the Integrated Hotel Scheme (IHS). The Property Development Scheme (PDS) comprises the RES and the IRS.

1. Own a luxury property through IRS

The Integrated Resort Scheme allows a foreigner to acquire a freehold luxury property for a minimum investment of USD 375 000. We refer here to villas or high-end apartments which are nested in private resorts or luxury hotel residences. This type of acquisition allows the investor to take advantage of prestigious benefits and amenities such as golf course, restaurants, spas and exclusive access to private beach clubs, amongst others.

To be entitled to the IRS, the buyer must pay a government tax which equals to USD 70 000. By purchasing a property under this scheme, the buyer and his family become eligible for a Permanent Residential Permit in Mauritius.

2. RES: Invest in a property in full ownership

The Real Estate Scheme (RES) facilitates the acquisition of a freehold property by a foreigner. RES projects are built on plots ranging between 4220 M² to 10 hectares. In addition, if the investment amount exceeds USD 375 000, the purchaser obtains a Permanent Residential Permit in Mauritius.

3. Integrated Hotel Scheme: invest in a hotel in Mauritius.

As its name implies, the Integrated Hotel Scheme (IHS) allows a foreign investor to buy a property nestled in a resort in full ownership. It can be a room, a suite, an apartment, or a villa. This scheme does not give access to a Permanent Residential Permit.

4. Property Development Scheme

The Property Development Scheme (PDS) is a new scheme which includes the IRS and the RES. It is intended for non-citizens, citizens, and members of the Mauritian diaspora. It reflects the government’s aim of introducing stricter control over real estate programs already in place. With the introduction of the PDS, the Mauritian authorities aim to promote respect for the environment and the neighboring population. The purchase of a PDS property allows the buyer to enjoy a secure environment. Besides, a Permanent Residence Permit is granted to the buyer if the property value exceeds USD 375 000.


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