Expatriation to Mauritius: a move to the perfect island life

Mauritius is a perfect place for your expatriation project. In fact, surveys have shown that life as an immigrant in Mauritius is a wonderful experience. Idyllic landscapes, tropical climate, fascinating cultural diversity, sustained economic growth, warm and welcoming population: the island offers numerous assets to appeal to expats. In fact, to facilitate expatriation, the Mauritian authorities have set up several incentives, including real estate programs such as the Property Development Scheme (PDS). If you want to live or work in Mauritius, the following information will be useful.

Live in Mauritius

They have set up several avenues to help foreign nationals opting to invest, work, live or retire in Mauritius, namely the Occupation Permit, the Residence Permit, or the Permanent Residence Permit. Several investment schemes were introduced to enable foreigners to acquire a property with exclusive benefits such as the eligibility for a Permanent Residence Permit.  These schemes include the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), Real Estate Scheme (RES) and Property Development Scheme (PDS). Under these schemes, a foreigner can acquire a property and enjoy some exclusive benefits including eligibility for a Permanent Residence Permit

The Permanent Residence Permit

The Economic Development Board states that a holder of an Occupation Permit or Residence Permit may apply for a 20-year residence permit if the following conditions are met:

Investor: Holds an OP for at least 3 years with a minimum annual gross income of at least MUR 15M; or an aggregate turnover MUR 45M (for any consecutive period of 3 years).

Professional: Holds an OP for at least 3 years with a basic monthly salary of at least MUR 150,000 for 3 consecutive years.

Self-employed: Holds an OP for at least 3 years with an annual business income of at least MUR 3 million for the 3 consecutive years.

Retired noncitizen: Holds an RP for at least 3 years with the transfer of at least USD 54,000 or its equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency for the period of 3 years. An investor who invests at least USD 375,000 in a qualifying business activity is also eligible to apply for the 20-year residence permit.


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